Lightning Experience Migration


The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a more modern user interface that offers new capabilities not available with the Salesforce Classic user interface. Most but not all of the features in Salesforce Classic are now in the Lightning version. Except for some features not widely used and possible use of some apps that are not “Lightning Ready”, most Salesforce customers can now transition to Lightning. Because most new Salesforce features are being released only for Lightning, the move to this user interface should be considered by most customers in the next twelve to eighteen months.

Migrating to Lightning, however, is not simply a matter of checking a few boxes in the Salesforce Settings. Some older Salesforce features are not supported in Lightning, replaced by newer features, require some changes or are dropped entirely. New features also might need to be properly configured.

We have found that most Salesforce customers do not have the knowledge, time and resources to make the migration from Classic to Lightning today. It requires a lot of studying (yes, watching hours and hours of those intriguing Salesforce videos) and preparation to make this transition. For this reason, SalesPath has developed the Salesforce Lightning Migration service.


Lightning Executive Overview

We start with a 90-minute overview for your management team and Salesforce Administrators that introduces you to the new features that are available in Lightning. We have found that most Salesforce customers have heard a lot of buzz about Lightning, but are unsure of the differences. We show you most of the key new features that are Lightning Only to help you determine if it is worth the move soon. We also discuss what is not available in Lightning and the changes that must be made before you can transition fully over to it. We finish with a discussion of the next steps in the project.

We do not charge for the Lightning Executive Overview, but we do require senior management be attendance. We do this session on-site in the greater Seattle and Portland, OR regions and via GoToMeeting for others.

Lightning Migration Analysis

If you agree to get started on the migration project, our first step is to analyze your current Salesforce customizations and what apps you are using. The fee for the Lightning Migration Analysis is $500. We come back with a draft migration plan that identifies what must be changed, what new features are recommended to be set up, and an estimate of the SalesPath services you will need. We review this draft plan with you, determining a) what will be migrated over, b) which new features you want to use and, c) what migration efforts you will take on and what you prefer that we do. After this discussion, we agree upon what is needed to be done and present a final estimate. If you agree to proceed, we then share a SmartSheet project plan with your team.


Leave it to SalesPath to work our way through a checklist of changes that are necessary, such as replacing some custom Buttons with Actions and configuring Lightning Pages. We also will include some best practices for Lightning that we have found useful for our customers including some Processes and custom Action buttons. We review these changes with your team and make adjustments. When you accept the changes, we then deploy Lightning.

The next step is to provide users with a 2-hour Using Salesforce Lightning workshop where we show them how to use Lightning.

We expect that, for most Salesforce customers, the Lightning Migration service will cost between $2,000 and $4,000. This service does not include changes that may be necessary for VisualForce Pages, custom Apex scripts and buttons (some Apex scripts and Triggers might be able to use Flow or Actions without doing coding), Apex Triggers, or Salesforce API development.

Give us a call at (425) 889-9900 if you are interested.