Pardot QuickStart®


SalesPath can set up Pardot ® for you. The Pardot QuickStart program sets up the core features of Pardot for you – customized to fit your business. We then give you training on how to maintain the most commonly modified aspects of Pardot. SalesPath also configures Pardot integration with your Salesforce CRM.

The Pardot QuickStart program usually lasts 30 to 60 days. You will get guided, hands-on experience. Companies that usually can benefit from this program are first-time marketing automation users, firms with 2 to 5 marketing people, and firms with some access to IT resources that can help to reconfigure email and website domains and change tracking codes on Web pages.

The SalesPath Pardot QuickStart program includes the following:

Project Planning & Management

  • Project Kick-Off Call
  • Weekly Project Status Meetings & Notes
  • Project Completion Call
  • Dedicated project consultant
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM
    • Install the Pardot Connector & Package
    • Modify the Lead and Contact Pages
    • Map Salesforce Custom Fields to Pardot Custom Fields
    • Map users and set up Single Sign-On
    • Map Lead fields to Contact fields
    Technical Setup Guidance1
    • Assist in the implementation of Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity
    • Assist in creating a Vanity Tracker Domain (CNAME) for Branded Pardot Hosted Links
    • Implement Email Authentication for Email Deliverability Optimization
    • Grant Permission to Use Your Custom Fonts on Pardot
    Marketing Asset & Integration Setup (Client must provide applicable HTML Creative)
    • Database import (Salesforce existing Contact & Lead records to Pardot)
    • Set up first Email Template
    • Set up first Web Form
    • Set up 2 Automation Rules
    • Set up 1 Drip Program
    Set up Unsubscribe and Email Reference pages Training
    • Pardot Administration Training Session
    Give us a call at (425) 889-9900 if you are interested.