Salesforce Implementation


If you are new to Salesforce, we can get you started the right way. With over 20 years of experience in implementing CRM systems, SalesPath has the experience and Best Practices to make your project successful. Our project methods are designed specially for small to medium sized businesses, or 10 to 100 user deployments in larger companies. As a result, we can help you to get started on Salesforce quickly and affordably. Our consultants meet with you to understand your special requirements and business processes. We then configure Salesforce to meet your needs.

We provide user training using your own Salesforce system. We include some post-implementation support to fine-tune Salesforce as well. We also include a full day workshop for your Salesforce Administrator.

Some of these companies have required their field sales reps to submit a weekly call report along with their expense report. But these reports usually were short on details, and usually had limited contact information. Recognizing that a good CRM, such as Salesforce, would help to get more customer knowledge and a base on which to develop marketing systems, these companies have embarked on their first CRM deployment.

Their sales team, however, does not sit in front of a computer connected to a high-speed Internet connection, talking to customers on the phone using a head-set. Their “office” is their car and a smart phone and maybe a laptop. Armed with yellow lined pads of paper and product sheets these reps meet over coffee with customers in short 15 to 60 minute conversations. After each meeting the rep hops into his car and drives to the next meeting. There is little time to spend updating the CRM.

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