Our Story

SalesPath is the leading certified Salesforce CRM consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest for small and medium sized companies. Scott Adams, our founder, started SalesPath in 1997 after working for several large software companies here in the Northwest. Since then SalesPath has assisted over 500 Salesforce customers across the Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

Our focus is small to medium sized companies with 30 to 500 employees. We have extensive experience with early stage companies, especially in the high-tech segments. We also enjoy working with divisions within larger corporations and making personal attention a priority.

SalesPath’s certified Salesforce consultants pride themselves on developing long term relationships with their customers. We are 100% Salesforce focused so that we can be the experts you need.

SalesPath’s formula for success starts with studying our customers’ sales, customer service and marketing methods which allows us to make recommendations that can improve their processes and make their usage of CRM much more effective. We focus on implementing key needs first so that you get a fast return on your investment with the Salesforce platform.

  • COO & CTO
    “Great staff that listens to your issues and needs, works with you on solutions and then executes the plan flawlessly.”
    COO & CTO
    Northwest Plan Services
  • CIO
    “Over the years, I have found SalesPath to be a true Trusted Advisor to us. Because of their advanced knowledge and efficiency, I turn to them for advice whenever we are facing a challenging problem involving Salesforce.”
  • Marketing Manager
    “The SalesPath team has always been there to assist us with our projects offering ideas and insight on the latest features and Salesforce's future direction.”
    Marketing Manager
    Industrial Software Solutions
  • CEO
    “SalesPath gives us the knowledge we need to handle many things internally while adeptly handling the more complicated projects for us.”
  • Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
    “I have worked with SalesPath for over 12 years at different companies. As soon as I joined RareCyte as the Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, I called them to help us improve and expand our Salesforce CRM.”
    Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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