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SalesPath is a registered Salesforce consulting partner. We focus 100% on Salesforce. This gives you the greatest level of Salesforce skills and knowledge. While we have experience with companies of all sizes, we focus on companies with 30 to 500 employees with affordable services. We help these companies to get off to the right start with Salesforce.
Companies using Salesforce often want to solicit feedback and gather information directly from their customers and then save this information in Salesforce to take advantage of its analytical tools and shared Cloud database. FormAssembly makes this effort simpler and affordable for nearly every Salesforce customer. Streamline visual editing and publishing makes it easy to create and manage complex forms. Dynamically resizes across all browsers and mobile devices, ensuring the best user experience — no matter how your users encounter your form. Form Assembly has unmatched integrations, you can create Web-to-Anything forms with Salesforce, collect payments with PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, and connect to the apps you already use and love.
Conga Composer® produces sophisticated documents such as account and opportunity profiles, proposals, quotes or call sheets with information gathered from multiple Salesforce objects. Mass-merging letters and labels can be produced in less than a minute with the Composer wizard. Conga Composer saves hours of re-keying with a merge-to-Excel option that allows precise positioning of Salesforce field values in specific worksheet cells, instantly populating Excel-based proposals, quotes and reporting solutions. Conga Composer also integrates with the DocuSign e-signature system for a complete quote-to-agreement process.
Cloudingo digs deep to clean your Salesforce data however you’d like. Removing duplicates can be complicated, but Cloudingo takes away the frustration, leaving you with clean and more reliable data. Delete unnecessary, stale records, upload .csv files and scan for duplicates, create new records, and update ones that already live in Salesforce. Control access to Cloudingo with permissions-based log-ins. Using customized rules, modify field values for large groups of records. No coding required. Automate on a schedule which runs in the background. Shuttle data from your ERP through Cloudingo to Salesforce to leverage master data management systems. Keep tabs on your data cleansing process so you can identify trouble areas and stay ahead of dirty data
Docomotion generates quotes, invoices, orders, service documents & much more with data dynamically merged from multiple Salesforce standard or custom objects into HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word or In-Mail-Body forms. You can send documents from your computer while sitting at your desk or from your mobile Salesforce. Forms also can be interactive, allowing your customers to make changes to the form that then sync back to Salesforce. An inline signature option also is available. Docomotion forms also can be embedded in a Salesforce Process or Flow to send to customers automatically. Docomotion is very affordable with no minimum number of users. SalesPath can design and create forms for you and incorporate in Processes.
Autofy integrates your Salesforce CRM with your QuickBooks billing system. You can create QuickBooks sales orders directly from a Salesforce Opportunity. You also can move QuickBooks Invoices into Salesforce including the payments on these invoices and open balances. Autofy also synchronizes QuickBooks Items (Products) and Companies to Salesforce Products and Accounts. Autofy allows for some customization as well so custom fields can be synched. SalesPath is an Autofy partner and can assist you in deploying Autofy following some best practices.
DocuSign is the most popular electronic signature application for Salesforce CRM. DocuSign can speed up the signature gathering on quotes, orders, and contracts – some claiming that 90% of contracts are signed the same day and 70% within the hour when sent via DocuSign. It also reduces time spent handling and tracking documents and eliminates costs of paper, ink, printing, faxing and mail. DocuSign integrates with Conga Composer, allowing you to merge Salesforce data into your forms and agreements and send to customers with a single button click. SalesPath consultants have experience in integrating DocuSign with Conga Composer and Salesforce, and is the go-to DocuSign SMB partner in the Northwest.
Ascendix Search simplifies complex Salesforce searches turning any user into an advanced search specialist. Perform single and multi-criteria searches without building list views. Search across objects without creating reports. Export lists to Excel in a few clicks, filter and refine searches by maps & charts. Log a call, schedule an event, add a note or send an email for multiple records in one action. Do less actions and get more out of your data.

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We help companies to get off to the right start with Salesforce.