SalesPath Form Assembly Email Unsubscribe


Salesforce Lightning has a very productive feature called List Emailing. Users can create a Lightning Email Templates and then select email recipients using a Lead or Contact List view to send email messages to. While not as powerful as tools such as Pardot, List Emails are included with Salesforce Lightning and are quick and simple to use by nearly every user. If you are using the Lightning option to send these emails through your Office 365 email the messages can look less “canned” and personalized.

Even when using List Emails, however, you should give the recipients the option to “opt out”, or unsubscribe, for receiving such email messages in the future. The Salesforce email templates, however, do not offer this capability that most other email marketing systems offer.

SalesPath created a FormAssembly Solution to fill this need. Using FormAssembly you can insert an Unsubscribe link in a Salesforce Lightning Email template similar to the message shown below.

When the message recipient clicks the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email they open a web page that would appear similar to this:

The logo, button name and text can be customized. When the button is pressed FormAssembly will check the Salesforce Lead or Contact Opt-Out checkbox and the following message appears:

System Requirements

This Applet requires the Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud and FormAssembly Professional or Premier Edition.

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