Introduction to Salesforce Administration

Intended for Salesforce Administrators and back-up Administrators, this workshop provides hands-on lab sessions and instruction on basic management of your Salesforce CRM system.

Workshop Information
Duration8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Fee$495 per student
Audience Administrators
Prerequisites Strong working knowledge of Salesforce

Topics Covered
  • Overview of Salesforce
  • Managing Users
  • Basic Security & Organization Wide Defaults
  • Understanding record access and Role Hierarchy
  • Using Public Groups
  • Sharing records
  • Adding custom fields, including formula fields, and changing page layouts
  • Customizing the Home Page
  • Customizing Search
  • Creating Mail Merge Templates, Email Letterheads & Email Templates
  • Configuring the Console
  • Using the Group Calendar
  • Tracking Field History
  • Enabling Advanced Look-Ups
  • Enabling Auto completion
  • Enabling Inline List Editing & Drag & Drop List Views (Update User Interface & User Profile)
  • Managing Bounce Email
  • Questions and Answers
“After reviewing all of the online courses Salesforce offers and several months of administration experience. I still did not feel that I knew as much as I should about Salesforce. In one day I increased my knowledge considerably. I learned many things about Salesforce that I never expected.” – Student