Salesforce Data Administration

Intended for experienced Salesforce administrators, this workshop provides instruction on how to cleanse your Salesforce database, best practices on improving data quality, and how to purge and update records, include managing duplicate records.

Workshop Information
Duration3 hours
Fee$250 per student
Audience Administrators & power users
Prerequisites Strong working knowledge of Salesforce CRM

Topics Covered
  • Best Practices for Salesforce Data Quality
  • Backing up your Salesforce database (org)
  • Archiving records (such as Disqualified Leads)
  • What to do before a User is made Inactive
  • Transferring Ownership of Records
  • Mass Updating records
  • Mass Deleting records
  • Cleaning up Picklists
  • Identifying unused fields
  • Removing unused Apps
  • Managing Users: Rename vs. Inactive vs. Freeze
  • Determining License Usage and Login History
  • Removing unused reports and dashboards
  • Establishing and Enforcing Data Entry Standards
  • Identifying & Merging Duplicate Records using Cloudingo
The #1 issue reported in the annual survey of CRM customers by CSO Insights always seems to be: “Accuracy of the CRM Database”. Some analysts estimate that as much as 20% of most CRM databases each year become outdated or inaccurate. The list of problems are all too familiar: missing address information, duplicate contacts, duplicate accounts, contact also listed as a lead, invalid mailing format, et al.