Salesforce Process Builder Workshop

Intended for experienced Salesforce users and administrators of the Enterprise, Performance or Unlimited Editions, this workshop provides hands-on lab sessions and instruction on the design and deployment of processes using the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder.

You can use the more powerful and flexible Process Builder to perform most of the same actions as Workflow plus more; including some that used to require the development of Apex Triggers. With the Process Builder, you can:

  • Create a record
  • Update any related record—not just the record or its parent – including child records
  • Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call
  • Launch a Flow—as an immediate or a scheduled action
  • Send an email
  • Post to Chatter
  • Submit for Approval
Workshop Information
TypeWeb or On-Site
Duration2 hours
Fee$450 for up to 4 students
Audience Administrators & power users
Prerequisites Strong working knowledge of Salesforce CRM

Topics Covered
  • Overview of Salesforce Process Builder capabilities and options
  • Best Practices for Process design and deployment
  • Creating a new Process & triggering a Process
  • Field Updates
  • Record Updates
  • Create a new record
  • Send an email message
  • Using and creating Quick Actions
  • Post to Chatter
  • Submit a record to an Approval Process
  • Questions & Answers